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Lady Antoinette Michelle McCoy Co-Founder World Evangelistic Church International was born on October 7th, 1969 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. At the age of 25 her life took on a new meaning when she became born again in a night service at Deliverance Evangelistic Church under the teaching of the late Pastor Benjamin Smith Sr. who ministered that evening. After her phenomenal encounter with Christ she became a member of Deliverance Evangelistic Church and devotedly began to seek after the Lords divine will for her life serving God daily with fasting and prayer. Two months after in a special Holy Ghost Baptism Service she was beautifully filled with the Holy Spirit!

Lady McCoy who is also a skilled cook & beautician decided to quit pursuing a career in cosmetology because it began to conflict with her aspirations get actively involved in ministry at her church. As a result of great steadfastness in the things of God she accomplished a lot in so little time serving in various ministries of the church such as outreach, the prayer chain and choir right after successfully completing a series of Christian educational courses. It was only a year and four months that passed when she met the young man who eight months later became her husband, Apostle Duane A. McCoy.

In addition to the daily task of raising a son and four daughters Lady McCoy’s every day ambition is to support her husband in the vision that God has placed in his heart. The prophetic and healing gifts that God has blessed her with has been a compliment to the ministry of her husband ever since the day their ministry was founded and continues to be unto the present. Lady McCoy is also the President and General Manager of DNA Filmworks, McCoy's Kitchen (Soul Food Resturant), Holy Child Gospel (Record Company) and is also the Director of Light Family Day Care Center.