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Apostle Duane A. McCoy founder of World Evangelistic Church Intl. with two churches Rose of Sharon World Evangelistic Church in Avondale, AZ and Zion World Evangelsitic Church in Media, PA, Apostle McCoy goal and purpose is to bring the life changing-miracle working power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world!   

Born on January 20, 1972, in the city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Being raised in a Christian home, Apostle McCoy became born again at the tender age of 7.  From the time that Christ had come into his life, he began to seek the Lord with a fervent passion, desiring to know Him for himself.  Apostle McCoy grew up under the teaching of the late Pastor Benjamin Smith Sr., founder of Deliverance Evangelistic Church based out of Philadelphia.  At the age of 15, while attending a communion night service, Apostle McCoy had the most beautiful experience of his life; he was baptized in the Holy Ghost!  From there he became very involved in the ministry of outreach preaching all over the streets of Philadelphia!  Winning souls to Christ became his passion.

At the age of 17, Apostle McCoy graduated from Olney High School.  It was not his desire to further his education through college because he knew before he graduated that he wanted to join the Philadelphia Police Force, which he later did at the age of 21.  However, it was at the age of 17, right after his graduation, that the word of the Lord began to come unto him.  One evening, while Apostle McCoy was at home praying the Holy Spirit began to reveal to him his calling to preach God’s word to His people.  Unsure of whether or not he was hearing from God or his own heart, he pondered it within himself.  Not too long after, while attending a service that he was invited to, God spoke to him prophetically through the man of God preaching that night and said to him, “You want to preach, but God says that He does not want you to preach because of what men told you, but He wants you to preach because you know He Himself told you, and there are gifts and talents that He has given you that you don’t even know that you have.”  No doubt, it was the confirmation that Apostle McCoy needed!   After that, Apostle McCoy knew that he was called by God to preach the Gospel and that he was truly hearing from the Lord.

At the age of 18, Apostle McCoy had his first supernatural encounter with God.  While in prayer, the glory of the Lord appeared unto him in a multi-colored sparkling form that would spin around and change back and forth from emerald green, purple and sapphire blue.  It began to happen more often to him when he would pray.  The Lord lead him to the scripture in the book of Ezekiel where it talks about Ezekiel’s supernatural encounter with God and how he saw the Lord sitting upon the Throne of His chariot born by the four angels that carried him moving swift as lightning as they went, and that he saw the colors of a rainbow around the likeness of the man that sat upon a crystal sapphire blue throne and that what he saw was the likeness of the glory of the Lord.  After having such an experience, Apostle McCoy knew that the Lord’s hand was upon him in a special way and that God’s call upon his life was much greater than what he first realized.

 In 1997, at the age of 25, Apostle McCoy, while engaged to his wife, became a licensed Evangelist under the auspice of Deliverance Evangelistic Church.  Later, within that same year, Apostle McCoy was joined in holy matrimony to his lovely wife Antoinette who has been by his side supporting him in ministry ever since. They are also the proud parents of five children.

In 1998, God showed Apostle McCoy and his wife that it was time to begin their ministry.  Not wanting to be out of the will of God in any way, Apostle McCoy and Lady McCoy went to seek their pastor first to prove by him the word of the Lord.  They knew that their pastor was Spirit filled and that if God were calling him to the work of the ministry, He would show him too.  In Pastor Smith’s office, they sat down and shared what the Holy Spirit had showed them, it was an experience they would never forget!  After sharing with their Pastor, there was complete silence for about a minute.  Pastor Smith looked on Apostle McCoy with his deeply penetrating eyes, spoke to him and said “Just Preach The Word, DONT ENTERTAIN THEM.”  It was at that moment that God sealed in Apostle McCoy and Lady McCoy that the calling to do the work of the Christian Ministry was indeed true.  That day Apostle McCoy became an ordained minister and received an official certificate of ordination by the order of Deliverance Evangelistic Church.  Not only did Apostle McCoy leave with his ordination, Pastor Smith also told the Executive Secretary “Give them whatever they needed to start”.  What a blessing!

Shortly afterwards, God provided Apostle McCoy with a building for worship, which was located in greater N.E. Philadelphia. During that time, the Lord began to tell Apostle McCoy he was called to Apostleship. Three weeks after their first service, an unfortunate event took place; his brother passed away.  While making funeral arrangements with the family, the word of the Lord came to the funeral director who also turned out to be a prophet.  He was so distracted by what God was showing him about Apostle McCoy that he had to stop what he was doing so he could share it.  There were so many things that God confirmed, but the man of God began to say, “ God says you will go very far in ministry.  Your ministry is Apostolic. God said you shall walk in the fullness of His glory, and shall teach Pastors.  Your ministry will not be like others, the things I allow to go on in other ministry will not be so in yours, for the Lord God himself will be in control”.

After 9 years of faithful service to the Lord in ministering to the needs of many souls in Philadelphia, God thrust Apostle McCoy and Lay McCoy out of Philadelphia, and led them to change the name of the ministry and relocate the ministry to Arizona, which was a move that God showed Apostle McCoy and Lady Antoinette in 1998.  God showed them that He would send them to Arizona to bring about a great harvest of souls that God ordained for Rose of Sharon World Evangelistic Church.

The message that Apostle McCoy preaches and teaches is one, the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ his saviour!  He is very passionate about the actual personal relationship between individual members of the body of Christ with God the Father, faith, healing both physical and spiritual, the kingdom of God what it truly is and how to live in it to enjoy all the benefits thereof in the midst of a dying world, has been consistently the base of his teaching!  It has now been twelve years since Apostle McCoy and Lady McCoy has been in ministry and since has seen the hand of God in the demonstration of His power with signs and wonders confirming the gospel.  The power of God Holy Spirit manifest enormously strong upon Apostle McCoy as he teach and preach God's word, so that often in the midst of teaching the Holy Spirit falls upon those listening who receive the word with faith!  You can literally feel the presence of the Almighty right there! Often the glory of God has manifest upon the man of God to the point that several witnesses at different times attending one of Apostle McCoy service has testified of their supernatural encounter with God the Father through Apostle McCoy both visual and audible! 

It has been a great fifteen years so far for Apostle McCoy and Lady Antoinette McCoy even through extremely rough times and conditions!  But today Apostle and Lady McCoy are even more focused than ever and are rejoicing to see the vision that God gave them and confirmed by true prophets and servants of God throughout the years finally coming to pass and this is only the beginning!

Again, Apostle McCoy's vision is to win souls to Christ through the preaching of the gospel around the world. The Lord has anointed Apostle McCoy for this purpose and is moving the vision he has given to  Apostle and Lady McCoy forward with opening doors for the ministry in other countries such as Pakistan, Africa, and India.


 Apostle's Notes